Meet Our Staff!

Suzanne Wilke Suzanne Wilke
Certified Groomer / Owner

Shirley Shirley

Michelle Vidlak Michelle Vidlak
Inn Manager

Michelle manages the Inn. She originally went to school for photography but now adding business management and accounting. She's been working with dogs specifically since she was twelve but loves all animals. Michelle's partner in crime is a chihuahua named TJ, along with Kat, a boxer mix who helps supervise the Inn. She also has two tortoises and horse. She hopes to further her education in the dog boarding industry and to help spread the word for dog socializing!

Jen Vacha Jen Vacha
Inn Supervisor

Jen came to Bark Avenue from Lincoln but was raised in Kansas. She went to CCCC in Concordia and graduated with an Associates in Animal Science. She's been in the kenneling industry for five years and would love to further her education within this industry. Jen also loves doing photography and crafting. She loves working with animals and it shows in her work. 


Daycare Tech

Derek Derek
Daycare Tech

Daycare Tech

Daycare Tech

Daycare Tech

Pet Stylist

Grooming Assistant